Monday, 2 May 2016

The Top Tier

Considering a superhero game. Prooooobably influenced by The Avengers with the PCs as the premier heroes of the setting. (So a few more points in chargen...)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Friday, 29 April 2016

And then your equipment fails part 2

Writing this on the seemingly working tablet as my PC is now in for repairs following a loud bang from somewhere inside it...

Thursday, 28 April 2016

More Lego Star Wars Resistance

Three new shorts featuring Han and Chewie, Maz and Rey, among others.

“He shot Greedo!”


Plane Shift: Zendikar, a free D&D sourcebook PDF for one of the planes from Magic: The Gathering. As io9 notes this is a pretty big surprise, as a Magic RPG has always been vetoed and this dropped with little warning.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

And then your equipment fails

Not writing this on my tablet because last night it went black and whined for an hour, then crackled like a Geiger counter and shut off entirely. Which is not cool of it, especially as it was working during the day and is less than two years old.

So, to assuage grumpiness, how much do PCs rely on technology and how often does it let them down? I certainly wouldn’t want cybernetics that fizzle out as suddenly as modern smartphones and tablets.

“Have you installed the patch for your lungs? If not, you may lose breathing functionality.”

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Happy Alien Day!

Who wants a hug?

Because it’s 4/26 in the US due to their month-day-year dating system. Here it should be celebrated on the 42nd of June. Er...

Monday, 25 April 2016

Dead By Dawn 2016 aftermath and shorts

Isolation seems to be something of a theme this year. K-Shop and Yr Ymadiwad and are all about people going nuts due to isolation, while Decay, Der Bunker and Men And Chicken have people isolated because they’re nuts already but the isolation will not have helped. Astraea shows people recovering from too much time alone, standing out greatly in that respect.

And now, the short films. Some are mood pieces, some are jokes, and some are perfect for one-shots, just add stats.

Francis is a nice creepy little thing.
Other Lily manages to be unnerving as a cartoon.Alt-Tab is some jokes.
Mute suggests a world where people have no mouths but still act like they should.
Frozen Blood Test is a gag.

La Seance (The Session) is, well, the Victorians were odd.
Death In Bloom asks about the options when choosing how to die.
How Deep Can I Go? is an, er, interesting music video. Play the song and see how quickly someone notices.
The House Is Innocent is a funny and touching documentary about moving into a murder house.
The Nest is a single take from David Cronenberg, almost pure story. In a Cronenbergy sort of way.

Boniato is a horror game one-shot ready to go.
Foxglove is changelings.
The Bridge Partner is a creepy little short story.
L’Ours Noir (The Black Bear) is a safety film in the manner of Forklift Operator Klaus.
Bad Throttle is a reminder not to annoy people...

Graffiti, like Astraea, looks at loneliness and hope in the quiet snowy end of the world.
The Disappearance Of Willie Bingham could be a Twilight Zone warning.
Monsters is a Future Schock.

Viking could be a Fiasco setup.
Honor Student is about how life sucks.
Black Eyes has horror-fu saving the day (hooray!)
De Kleinzoon (The Grandson) is an odd one.
The Babysitter Murders is a great pastiche, beautifully made with a kickass fight and a nice nasty joke.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Dead By Dawn 2016, Day 4

The Babysitter Murders was really damn good. Among other things.


Creature Designers is a solid documentary about the golden age of special makeup effects and the CGI revolution that led to its passing.

She Who Must Burn wants to be a critique on weird sects and anti-abortion movements but overplays its hand like crazy.

Sorgenfri (What We Become) is zombies. Does some interesting things with the initial outbreak setup, but then straight on to zombies.

Men And Chicken is kind of like a Cronenbergian origin story for the Three Stooges, most interesting for the chance to see Mads Mikkelsen play an oaf.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dead By Dawn 2016, Day 3

So very tired.

In the meantime, Boniato.


Astraea is a lovely, warm, peaceful take on the near-total end of the human race.

Der Bunker is... I’m not really sure what Der Bunker is.

Antibirth is body horror played for laughs, partially due to the stoner hero being Lebowski-ishly oblivious to the genre she’s stumbled into for much of the run.

The Corpse Of Anna Fritz is gruelling.

We Go On from the makers of Yellowbrickroad is a film of two halves - the search for life after death and how that might not be such a great answer to have. The title could also be about endurance...

Friday, 22 April 2016

Dead By Dawn 2016, Days 1 and 2

Our friendly local international horror festival returns.

Green Room, the opening film, is going to get a wide release. Also probably the most relevant feature so far as it’s a high-violence thriller and black comedy rather than a character piece. A struggling punk band do a gig against their better judgement and it goes about as wrong as possible.

K-Shop is very much a character piece, grimly funny and plain grim in its examination of weekend boozing culture and the people that have to work around it.

A short film by David Cronenberg! Crikey.

Yr Ymadawiad (The Passing) is a bleak haunting drama from the Welsh hills.

Decay is a Denver suburbian Repulsion played for dark laughs as well as jumps.